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MadyonMainStreet Chanukah December Special

MadyonMainStreet Chanukah December Special

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This listing is for the MadyonMainStreet Chanukah December Special.

The Chanukah December Special will have a Parks Chanukah Inspired theme.

The band design will be the same for each order. No custom orders or exceptions will be made.

**Unfortunately, due to the nature of this exclusive Special-No custom orders or exceptions will be considered for this deal**

To ensure on-time shipping, the cut off to order the Chanukah December Special is 21 November.

All Chanukah December Special's will be shipped no later than 30 November.

Any items ordered with the Chanukah December Special will be shipped with the Chanukah December Special.

These bands will come with the color added to the band.

If you would like a combo of the band, charm, 3D prints and the mini boards, please make separate purchases and I will refund your shipping for one of the orders. 

Rep codes can be used for this listing!

Please be aware that you are not choosing your band color, only your band size, and no exchanges or refunds will be permitted if you are not satisfied with the band color.