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The Shop currently has a 2-3 week turn around time. Happy New Year! - xo, Danielle

Any Word/Your Name Ornament - Basswood Plywood Listing

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Completely customizable!

Please message me to discuss the personalization before you place your order.

Note: These ornaments are engraved on basswood plywood, and even though there is a layer of protection tape, some ornaments may come with burns from the laser and other imperfections. If this is not something you will be ok with, please reach out to me about your ornaments on a proof grade wood. The price will be slightly more but will come with zero wood imperfections.

PROOFGRADE WOOD for this exact ornament has it's own listing. 

All sales are final. I will not take returns, exchanges or make refunds for any wood related issues.

Please note that ornaments have a longer turn around time.

Rep codes cannot be used on ornaments.