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Bag Holders - Holidays

Bag Holders - Holidays

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These 3D PLA printed any-type-of-bag holders make displaying your collection more funner. :)

There's a small lip on the end so bag straps and hooks do not fall forward.

If you would like to use a command strip to protect your wall, please make sure and read how much weight that command strip can hold.

And while there is a small slot for a nail, please keep in mind that this is PLA printed and isn't meant to hold much weight. Taking items out of your bag before you hang it on the wall is recommended. 

Reminder: it's recommended to remove all items from your bag before you hang it on the printed hook.

When you purchase anything PLA 3D printed, you waive all liability for physical damage to yourself or property.

I do not accept exchanges or returns when the PLA breaks, cracks or chips.