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Add Color to Your Watch Band
Add Color to Your Watch Band
Add Color to Your Watch Band

Add Color to Your Watch Band

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Adding a bright color to the engraving in your watch band is sure to stand out! Disclaimer: Adding color is done with an oil-paint marker and these colors are not meant to last forever. Color-lasting depends on how often you wear your watch band (sweat, shower, exercise, hand washing etc.)

If you would like multiple bands with the added color, you will need to select the add color listing for each band.

Please note that darker color bands do not hold color well. Color will crack and fade quicker on a darker color band. (Black, Navy Blue, Red, Pine Green, Bright Blue, Army Green & Coral bands are examples of this.) With that said, white oil-paint markers are not always our friend. I try to avoid using this color on certain bands. 

As much as I try to ensure that each bit of every engraving is filled with the oil-paint markers accidents happen. This is a simple fix at home. I will not accept returns, exchanges or refunds if a small section of your engraving is not completely filled.

REMINDER: Darker color bands do not hold color well.

The black band shown in this listing is a good example of how your black band may arrive. REPEAT: they do not hold color well.

Your band may arrive colored differently than what is pictured in the listing. I will not accept returns or exchanges if you are unhappy with the colors used on your band.

The color on your phone or computer screens may show a different color of the markers I use. I will not accept returns or exchanges if the color you are given is not what you expected it to be.

The oil-paint markers that I use are not glitter based. It may appear that way over your phone or computer screen but no, your band will not come with add glitter color.

I do not take returns or exchanges when color chips, fades or cracks. Adding color to your band is a simple fix at home with any oil-based paint markers.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments with what is said above, please reach out to me - MadyonMainStreet@gmail.com Thanks!