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The Shop currently has a 2-3 week turn around time. Samsung & FitBit Bands are in the shop! - xo, Danielle


Due to frequent changes with suppliers, band colors may not be exactly what is shown in each listing -- whites, greens, reds, yellows, blues, grays, & oranges are examples of this. Please reach out to me BEFORE you place your order with any band color questions. I will be more than happy to show you the colors that I have in stock at that time. Thank you for your understanding!

No exchanges or returns will be permitted if the band color you receive is not what you were expecting. 

The watch bands listed throughout this website are compatible with all series & sizes of Apple Watch. These watch bands are 3rd party silicone watch bands compatible with Apple Watch™ & not in any way affiliated with the official Apple™ brand. Watch not included, each listing is for the band only.

Wood Disclaimer: Basswood plywood & Proofgrade wood. Basswood Plywood orders come sanded, stained & sealed (unless noted otherwise). Even though the wood is taped off imperfections will happen. Wood will come with burn marks and will not have a clean surface due to the roughness of the wood. Proofgrade wood comes sanded, stained & sealed from the manufacturer with little to zero imperfections. If you would like a clean surface, go proofgrade.

All sales are final. I will not take returns, exchanges or make refunds for any wood related issues. By purchasing anything with wood, you are agreeing to the possibility of burn marks and other wood related issues on your ornament, coasters & gift tags.

MadyonMainStreet, LLC is in no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, its affiliates or subsidiaries.


Hello Friends! 

Many have noticed that some items in the shop have seen a price change. Over the next month more price changes across the shop will happen. Prices across everything are rising and it is time I joined in - losing money is not a fun conversation to have with your accountant. The cost to color each band has changed, most band charms have increased and pretty soon the bands will follow. Although I'm trying real hard to fight that fight. 

Our friendships mean much to me so please reach out if you want to discuss. 

Happy and Healthy 2023!