MadyonMainStreet February Special with PixieDustWearables & Enchanted Patches COLLAB!

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This listing is for the MadyonMainStreet February Special.

The February Special will have a Spring theme with a fun Disney character twist.

This Special is not holiday, Valentine's Day or pink related.

The band design in this listing is made exclusively for this Special and cannot be found anywhere else on the website.

The band design will be the same for each order. All band colors will be chosen at random. No custom orders or exceptions will be made.

**Unfortunately, due to the nature of this exclusive Special-No custom orders or exceptions will be considered for this deal**

One new band charm was made for the February Special and can only be found in this listing. I really think these this charm brings the band and cover to life! Highly recommend.

TWO NEW 3D prints --ear & bag hangers -- were made for this Special. They match the band, charm, PDW cover & EP patch perfectly. They will be a great addition to your wall.

PixieDustWearables has generously agreed to join this February Special! You will have the option to add on their matching February Special cover to your band and charm this month.

The PDW Spring Cover is also a February Special exclusive and will not be found on their website or sold at a later date.

EnchantedPatches has also kindly agreed to offer their matching patch at a super discounted price. Their patch will bring your band, charm & cover bound together perfectly. The patches are a super limited quantity and once they sell out, more will not be made to ship.

To ensure on-time shipping, the cut off to order the February Special is 20 February 2024.

All February Special's will be shipped no later than 1 March 2024.

Any items ordered with the February Special will be shipped with the February Special.

The bands will NOT come with the design filled in with colors. This means the watch bands will be engraved but only be the color of the original band in the design.

If you would like color added to your band, please see the separate "add color to your band" listing and include it in your cart at checkout. Thanks!

This months Special should definitely have color added. It brings the Spring design to life.

Rep codes can be used for this listing!

Please be aware that you are not choosing your band color, only your band size, and no exchanges or refunds will be permitted if you are not satisfied with the band color.

**as a thank you for continuing to trust my Monthly Specials, all February Specials will come with a free gift with purchase.


The sizing for this months Special is very limited. After a size sells out, I will move to the backup color. More of the original band color is on order but will not arrive until late February and after the guaranteed ship by date. If the arrival time is not an issue for you, let me know and I will make your order on the original band color and will ship after the bands arrive. If you have questions with your order and which band color you will get, send me a message and I will let you know. No refunds, returns or exchanges will be permitted if your order comes after the original band color is sold out. Please reach out to me before your order to discuss if the original band color is still available in your size.