Red, White & Blue

From NOW until Saturday, 10 June 2023 at 11:59PM EST the Red, White & Blue Collection is BOGO with Giveaways!

For every one piece of merch you get, an exact same something will be your BOGO*. For example: if you order 1 band with color & 1 charm, your BOGO* will be 1 band with color and 1 charm. OR if you order 1 band without color & 1 pin, your BOGO* will be 1 band without color and 1 pin.

As always, Fitbit & Galaxy bands are included in this BOGO*.

*no limit to the number of anything for this BOGO.* This BOGO* is completely random. I will choose the bands, charms and pins. Customs not included.

Giveaway info:

For each item you purchase you will get 1 spot on the giveaway wheel. For example, if you grab 2 watch bands & 1 pin your name will be on the giveaway wheel 3 times. When the BOGO ends I will spin the wheel for multiple giveaways. Please check in with my Instagram/Facebook stories this week to see what items will be offered for giveaways.

Because this is a BOGO, rep codes cannot be used. If you use a rep code, you will not get a BOGO. There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges if you use a rep code for this BOGO.